ISIS Protocol

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IS-IS Rules

ISO Network Entity Title (NET) Three of the different formats that an ISO NET can take: (a) An 8-octet area IS/system ID format    07.000.3090.c7df.00 (b) An OSI NSAP format                             47.0004.30ac.0007.0000.3090.c7df.00 (c)  A GOSIP NSAP format                         47.0005.80.0000a7.0000.ffdd.0007.0000.3090.c7df.00 Rules for Creating a NET • The NET must begin with a single octet. • Addresses starting with 49 (AF I= … Continue reading

DIS and the Pseudonode

What is the DIS? On broadcast multi-access networks, a single router is elected as the DIS. There is no backup DIS elected. The DIS is the router that creates the pseudonode and acts on behalf of the pseudonode. Two major tasks are performed by the DIS: Creating and updating pseudonode LSP for reporting links to … Continue reading

Connectionless-mode Network Service (CLNS) ?

Connectionless-mode Network Service Connectionless-mode Network Service (CLNS) or simply Connectionless Network Service is an OSI Network Layer datagram service that does not require a circuit to be established before data is transmitted and routes messages to their destinations independently of any other messages.[1][2] As such it is a “best-effort” rather than a “reliable” delivery service. … Continue reading