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Juniper – Firefly Perimeter

The agile and services-oriented nature of virtualization and cloud computing technologies demands security solutions that can dynamically safeguard virtual assets without sacrificing the level of performance, availability and management control that network and security administrators have taken for granted in the physical world.

Juniper Network’s Firefly Perimeter addresses these demands by moving beyond the traditional security appliance with Firefly Perimeter a virtual firewall based on Juniper’s SRX Services Gateway code delivered in a virtual machine (VM) form factor.

Firefly Perimeter operates deep within the virtualized fabric, offering layers of defense  as well as rich connectivity features based on the powerful Junos foundation including extensive routing capabilities, Network Address Translation (NAT), and VPN.

Firefly Perimeter delivers granular security with segmentation capabilities that create clear demarcation between zones, departments, lines of business, users groups and applications.

Firefly Perimeter also includes Junos Space Virtual Director, an intuitive and easy-to-use lifecycle management application that enables administrators to automate provisioning and resource allocation of Firefly Perimeter VMs, easily scaling them to meet elastic demand.

Firefly Perimeter Product Training Video



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