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IP Multicast to MAC Address Mapping

Map Multicast MAC address to IP Multicast Addresses In the course of reading through the BSCI authorize self-study guide, I’ve come across a multicast example where the author talks about the concepts behind the multicast IP to MAC address mapping. In order to achieve the translation between a Layer 3 IP multicast address and Layer 2 … Continue reading

Juniper – Firefly Perimeter

The agile and services-oriented nature of virtualization and cloud computing technologies demands security solutions that can dynamically safeguard virtual assets without sacrificing the level of performance, availability and management control that network and security administrators have taken for granted in the physical world. Juniper Network’s Firefly Perimeter addresses these demands by moving beyond the traditional … Continue reading

Carrier Grade NAT – A Look at the Tradeoffs

Owen DeLong is Director of Professional Services at Hurricane Electric, the world’s largest IPv6-native Internet backbone and leading colocation provider. Owen, who is also an IPv6 Evangelist, has more than 25 years of industry experience. magine a restaurant parking lot where each space is permanently assigned to a single patron’s car. This would be very … Continue reading

Carrier-Grade NAT

The NAT444 Model So far we have discussed traditional NAT (mainly NAPT/NAT overload) which is starting to be called NAT44 because it translates one IPv4 address for another (4 to 4). Now let’s explore what I (still) call NAT444, which was also called Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) at one point and is currently called Large … Continue reading