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To day and IBM SAN

My task to day, upgrade capacity for IBM SAN. With me IBM SAN feature very new, modern and need for the ITC in the furture. To manager, Implementation, design. I must read  many concept of it  but that make me happy, explore the smallest of stoibm san Summaryrage technical

What a host is ?
First, we take a closer look at configuring hosts. Hosts in a DS3000 context can have a
number of meanings:
Host Port
A host port is a single Host Bus Adapter Port in a server that is attached to the storage subsystem. The port can be a port on a SAS, iSCSI, or FC Host Bus Adapter (HBA), depending on the technology used. Each port uses a unique identifier known as the World Wide Name (WWN). If you are using dual port adapters, they have two WWNs, one for each port. iSCSI software initiators also generate a WWN for identification.

Host port indentifier

A host is a single system that can be mapped to a logical drive. The DS3000 only communicates through the use of a WWN. The DS3000 is not by default aware of which HBAs are in the same server or of servers that have a certain relationship, such as a cluster. This is something you have to configure on your storage server. You can create hosts and assign to them to one or several WWNs of the host ports.
Host groups
A host group is a collection of hosts that are allowed to access certain logical drives, for example, a cluster of two systems.
To summarize, every HBA port in a server has its own unique WWN. This WWN can be
assigned to create single hosts. If several hosts have to access the same logical drive, you
can use host groups to achieve that.



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