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Network Infrastructure

My simple task today .

Today , my responsible is moving 11 server form ISP data center  to my server room. In 11 physical server was virtualization 70 virtual server on Vmware flatform.
+70 server was hosting and public via NAT on gateway ISP DC
+ All virtual server was access by dns name
+ In My destination DC, there 2 Gateway access to Interner ( 1 for VPN, 1 for user access internet)
So I want controll traffic of this server via VPN. So I configure Cisco policy-based routing feature but I wonder these IOS 3560G support this feature. Oh, http://tools.cisco.com/ITDIT/CFN/jsp/index.jsp this help me verify , haha

I think this tool very useful for networker. But Cisco policy-based routing support on IOS securityk9, current IOS 3560G is ipbase . huhu. But there are some solution in them , there are solution base on vNetwork of VMWare.
I love and spend my time for Cisco technology and Vmware and storage IBM, HP, EMC, DELL.



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